Miniature Sculptures

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Miniature Sculptures by Isaac Berlin

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Design Heroes


Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel Stockholm Sweden


To spend the night at ICEHOTEL is an experience – and not like any other hotel stay. You sleep in a thermal sleeping bag on a bed built by ice blocks, a wooden frame, mattress and it is topped with reindeer skins. Surrounded by art work made of ice and snow, by artists from all over the world. In the morning you will be awakened with a cup of hot lingonberry juice.

In ICEHOTEL it never gets colder than –5 to -8ºC, regardless of the fact that the outdoor temperature sometimes drops down to -30º. Between 10am and 6pm ICEHOTEL is open for the public after closing it doors, it’s only available for guests. If you need to get in touch with our booking department, please send an e-mail to or use link below to search for available rooms.

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Design Heroes

Art using coffee cup rings


Shanghai-based artist Hong Yi, a.k.a. “Red Hong,” enjoys drawing with anything but traditional drawing utensils, having used sunflower seeds, ketchup, milk, and salt, among other things. Her latest work is a portrait of Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou drawn using coffee cup rings.
Design Heroes